Summer Camp


Let your child decompress this summer with our mindful summer camp! This year we're all about connecting with our inner zen! After months of quarantine and confusion, your child deserves a peaceful space where they can connect with nature and express themselves through art and yoga. Join us for this special 5-week camp in a small, safe, supportive, and diverse creative haven. Please read about our COVID-19 response and precautions here.

There is a casual, relaxed manner about our school, packed with materials, run by experienced, creative staff. A visiting artist and master gardener will join us to teach and inspire!

Dates: July 6 - August 7

Cost: $125 per week

  • Discounts provided for sibling enrollment.

8A - 4PM (before and after-care available)

Ages: 2-10 years old

  • Snacks provided

  • *Due to COVID-19 directives, spaces will be VERY limited.

Summer Themes


Each day your child will be guided on a thoughtful and fun yoga session in our large back yard that will be sure to prepare their mind and bodies for the day!


With a plethora of materials at their disposal at any time of day, our campers will be gently guided and directed on their projects. Whether they choose to illustrate, create a collage, take photographs, or work with modeling clay, we will be there to encourage and support this creative outlet.


Our expansive backyard is where the magic happens here. Campers will tend to the small garden while learning important principles of growing and nurturing nature! We will explore themes that include: Bats, Insects, and Spiders; Birds, Butterflies, and Bees; Green Thumb Detectives; Art and Photography in the Garden. 

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